In 2014, the vision for our new facility became a reality as we opened the doors of the Family Life Center. This space has not only been an incredible blessing to our church family but has become a pillar in our community. From team sports to conferences, to meeting the practical needs of our community during both celebrations and times of crisis, our doors have been open.

As we continue to be a light in our community we also recognize that God is asking us to do more in both our region and Province. In order to step into what’s next we need to pay off the remainder of the mortgage of the Family Life Center. We are at a time of high inflation and interest rates but we remind ourselves of the miracles that God did in the past during even greater financial uncertainty by miraculously providing through the generosity of His people. We are believing and asking for Him to do it again through us.

We are asking each person that calls Rock Church home to prayerfully consider what you can pledge so that together, we can see this mortgage paid off in three years. The chart below will show how your weekly or monthly donation will help go towards the removal of the FLC debt. For example, if 300 of us give just $32 a week, we will be mortgage free in three years!

Prayerfully consider what the Lord is asking you to do and how He wants to stretch your faith to see us, as a church family, step into what is next.