A glimpse at who we are.
The Core Values at Rock Church are a glimpse at who we are at our core. They are essential in implementing mission and vision, setting goals and evaluating new ministry opportunities. They also help individual church members live out their lives as Christ-followers. Below are the seven core values of Rock Church.


We build our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and His teachings. God’s word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has the final say in all things, informing what we believe and how we live our lives. As passionate students of the Bible, we prioritize reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating on the depths of God’s word every day.


We worship God with everything that we’ve got. Our personal lives and gatherings are marked by a passion for God’s presence. We prioritize being together with God’s people regularly, engaging our whole self (heart, mind, will, emotions, body, soul, spirit) as we offer God a sacrifice of praise through song. We expect to encounter the Holy Spirit in powerful ways every time we gather for worship.


We are a praying people who depend on God for everything. In our personal lives, we follow the example of Jesus who consistently went away to pray in quiet places. As a church, we follow the example of the early church who devoted themselves to regular times of collective prayer. Like the consistent pulse of a heartbeat, prayer is the regular rhythm that defines our life of faith.


We love people with a passion, treating every person with honour as someone made in the image of God. We take responsibility for our role in building a culture of fellowship and community by taking the first step in building relationships. We’re the first to call, the first to invite, and the first to demonstrate hospitality to others. Because we were made by God to be in relationship with others, we make time for being together on a regular basis.


We are radically generous, living with open hands and open hearts. Because God gave everything for us, we joyfully give everything to Him. We give our time, talents, and finances as an expression of worship to God, knowing that it is our personal responsibility to contribute to the work God has called us to. As we do this, we trust that God will take care of our personal needs and be faithful to further His Gospel.


We are a people that have been saved by Jesus and His Gospel. It’s our mission to share this Good News around the world, beginning with the people in our neighborhood, community, and region. We actively seek out opportunities to share our stories of Gospel transformation, stepping out in faith as the Holy Spirit leads us.


We are led by the Holy Spirit in all things and recognize that we can’t do anything on our own. No plan, project, or ministry moves forward without His confirmation and guidance. We’re passionate about putting our best into everything God calls us to, but we know that it’s the Holy Spirit who leads our church and changes lives. Because of that, we make time to slow down and discern what the Spirit is saying, keeping in step with his unique plan for our local church.